Military Base Temporary Modular Swing Space

Washington, D.C.

The Challenge

A military base in Washington, DC was undergoing renovations for two existing office buildings, and needed a temporary swing space for offices that were under construction. The base only needed the space temporarily, so they decided that modular construction was the best choice for this project.

The Solution

Modular Genius, Inc. designed and built a 4,320 sq. ft. modular swing space featuring private offices, a conference room, storage spaces, and male and female restrooms. Modular Genius worked with a general contractor to install utilities on site and organized the logistics of delivery and installation of the temporary office space in a highly active secure government facility. Modular Genius assembled the six modular units on site, and provided ADA compliant ramps and steps, as well as a large portion of the office furniture inside the portable modular office.