Purchasing Cooperatives

If your state, local government, or school district is in need of modular space consider using a Modular Genius piggyback contract to purchase, lease or relocate your next modular building project. These contracts are also known as cooperative purchasing agreements and expedite the bid process.

Our modular building contracts typically originated a school district by means of an RFP to various modular building companies. After reviewing our responses to the RFP the contracts were issued to Modular Genius. 

The modular office buildings, modular classroom buildings and services range from standard installations to turnkey work.

By procuring your next modular building project from one of our publicly bid contracts you can eliminate the timely and costly bidding process. If you are not part of the specific cooperative that administers the contract for use you may be required to join in order to use it. 

Check out the Keystone Purchasing Network.

Please contact us to discuss which contract is right for you and your specific project 888-420-1113.