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Architects and engineers are integral to the design and construction of modular buildings, from designing the aesthetic appearance of the interior and exterior spaces based on the needs of the client, to ensuring that the structure will be safe, functional, and meet all appropriate building codes.

Modular Genius has placed links below to the specifications, technical drawings, and floor plans for our innovative modular buildings in these categories: Education; Daycare; Business; Assembly; and Health Care. We encourage you to view and download them at your convenience.

You will also find links to information about our highly customizable aluminum steps, canopies and ramp systems, our current inventory of new and used modules, and information about the average lifespan of relocatable and permanent modular buildings.

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Other Industry Resources

Nearly any style of architecture is possible with modular construction, from colonial to contemporary. We have provided links below to selected online industry resources related to modular architectural construction and design.

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