Energy Infrastructure Provider Permanent Modular Offices

Elkview, WV

The Challenge

For over 70 years, TC Energy has proudly operated pipelines, storage facilities, and power-generation plants across North America. At their Elkview, WV compressor station, TC Energy was using temporary office trailers to house their team. TC Energy wanted permanent office buildings for their Compressor and Pipeline staff. The site is active and in a remote location, making stick-built construction too much of an obstacle and would impede the operations. Safety was a key concern on site due to the hazardous nature of their operations.

The Solution

TC Energy contracted Modular Genius, Inc. to design, construct and install two 2,310 sq. ft. permanent modular office buildings. Site conditions required a flood plan foundation with flood venting. The client requested a 4-12 pitch site-built roof after the buildings were set on the foundation. Due to the wilderness location of their site, the client specified the roof and siding high ribbed steel panels be the same color to blend in with the environment. Modular Genius installed the roof trusses, roof panels, cavity insulation, and exterior siding panels on site in record time. The client is very happy with the communication of MGI’s team, and the quality of the work performed. They have ordered a similar building at the Richmond, VA facility.