Mining and Mineral Processing Company Modular Field Office

Blue Ridge Summit, PA

The Challenge

At their remote mountain mining location in Pennsylvania, Specialty Granules needed office space quickly and determined that temporary modular construction was their best option that met their time and budget requirements. Modular Genius has provided multiple buildings at this location with Specialty Granules.

The Solution

Modular Genius, Inc. supplied a 3,600 sq. ft. modular office with six offices, a conference room, a kitchen, and men’s and women’s multi-stall restrooms. The building featured horizontal lap vinyl siding with steel exterior doors. Interior finishes include vinyl covered gypsum walls, acoustic ceiling, and commercial grade vinyl coin flooring, with Armstrong vinyl clad tile in restroom and kitchen areas. The space was designed to have a large open area with office at the opposite end of the building to reduce noise from the open area.