Modular Community Corrections Center

Leonardtown, MD

The Challenge

The St. Mary’s County Maryland Sheriff’s office was in need of a community corrections center. The new facility would allow for continued medical and behavioral health services to the detention center and pre-trial release populations while meeting the safety recommendation of the COVID-19 pandemic. The building needed to be installed in 2020 in order to meet the expectations for the community.

The Solution

Modular construction was an ideal solution due to the funding requiring the structure to be operational within a short period of time. Site work was challenging due to poor soil conditions. Foundation where in excess of 10’ deep and required flowable filled to stabilize the site. Site utilities were constructed while the building was manufactured in an off-site facility. Off-site construction included complete interior finishes such as flooring, ceiling and wall coverings. The pre-fabricated ADA ramps and steps were provided and new concrete sidewalks were installed. Additional parking, bio-retention pond and minor landscaping was installed during the construction phase of the project.