Prefabricated Park Ranger Station

Norristown, PA

The Challenge

This prefabricated ranger station building layout has an open area for the public to learn about various plants and animals found in the park. The building also has an open control room area for the rangers, a locker room with an employee restroom, and private offices. The exterior was designed to match the existing park office by adding a pitched roof and color matched high ribbed steel siding. This building was constructed with three smaller 10’ x 40’ modules in order to travel through tight roads in the park to its final destination.

The Solution

An existing elevated bandstand needed to be demolished and all recyclable materials from the demolition were taken to a construction recycling plant. A 300gallon holding tank was installed which saved the park from costly and site impacting excavaction. LED lighting was installed to reduce electric costs. Recycled insulation was used throughout the building. The building entry was tied into an existing walkway, reducing addtional impact on the green area of the park.