Modular Manufacturing Offices

Brevard, NC

The Challenge

A leading community focused manufacturer of packaged dry food was in need of additional classroom and office space for their employees. However, site conditions dictated that the building be designed in a unique fashion. Specifically, the building had to be situated in such as a way as to keep the building away from a large exterior industrial safety valve near an existing manufacturing building, stay within the property line, and provide efficient access to the building via the main parking lot..

The Solution

Modular Genius worked with the client to develop a unique and effective layout that would accommodated the site challenge and meet the program details for their staff. To accomplish this, MGI worked closely with the owner through multiple building layout iterations. Ultimately, a unique staggered or stepped building approached was selected. Modular Genius recommended durable, efficient, and readily available finishes due to the COVID-19 pandemic effect on material availability at the time.