Bus Depot Modular Office

Philadelphia, PA

The Challenge

SEPTA, the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority, had been leasing a 12’ x 40’ office trailer for many years at their Midvale Depot utility yard in Philadelphia, PA. It did not make sense to keep paying rent on this office trailer and it was starting to show wear and tear. SEPTA put out a bid to knock down and remove the existing mobile office and to replace it with a brand-new office unit and aluminum steps.

The Solution

Modular Genius constructed a 12’ X 46’ Office trailer without lockers, furniture & plumbing. The office trailer had to be at least 30% office area and with a built-in closet. The two exterior doors needed security bars and screens on all of the windows. Two sets of aluminum steps for the entrances into the office were installed. The building was set on asphalt. In addition to providing the new office MGI was contracted to knockdown and move the existing 12’ x 40’ office on site. Some of the office features included 1/8” vinyl composite tile flooring, vinyl covered gypsum walls, hi-rib steel siding, steels doors with vision panels. We also need to match up their existing power service with a 100 amp panel box. The project was completed in 42 days.