Conestoga Landfill Modular Office

Morgantown, PA

The Challenge

Conestoga Landfill in Morgantown, PA needed to demolish their existing office building to create more land fill space to serve their clients. They needed a new office & training center on a different area of their property. The new building would need to provide office space for the facility, paper record archival and a large training room. They needed a permanent building to meet Republic Services high standards established by their design department.

The Solution

Modular Genius designed and installed a 5,040 sq. ft, building to meet national, state and locals’ codes for Morgantown Pa. Our clients requested the building not look like a traditional modular office, which required many site installed finishes. Custom painted gypsum walls, custom Shaw Mfg. flooring and a site-built roof exceeded their expectations. We installed the building on a permanent perimeter foundation, allowing the customer’s main entrance connect to their sidewalks, which eliminated the need for a site installed elevated ADA deck with ramp. Upon completion, the client commented how nice the building was inside and out. They all agreed the quality of the building along with the site installed options made it almost impossible to determine if the building was stick built or manufactured in an offsite facility.