Loyola University Bookstore & Mailroom

Baltimore, MD

The Challenge

Loyola University of Maryland was doubling the size of their dining facility in the summer of 2017. This expansion would encroach on the campus bookstore and mail center. While the plans were approved for the renovation work, there was no projected plan for displaced facilities. Considering the size of the facility and the prominent campus location, an effort was made to enhance the design of the temporary buildings.

The Solution

Modular Genius constructed and installed a 9,600 sq ft modular building for a long term temporary space solution. To match the modern campus, inflections were designed on the front of the building instead of a standard flat front. An architectural design with the use of the Cembonit fiber cement panels in a rainscreen application was an ideal solution to achieve an energy efficient building utilizing exterior insulation to prevent thermal bridging and reduce condensation.

In order to maintain a permanent appearance without absorbing a permanent cost, the building was installed on a standard dry stacked concrete block pier system on below grade concrete footers. A 180’ long deck with planters was constructed on the front of the building to maintain an at-grade appearance.