Allegheny Co Parks Modular Facilities

Tarentum, PA

The Challenge

Allegheny County Parks and Recreation needed a new Park Facilities and Building Maintenance office at their park headquarters at Deer Lakes Park. Deer Lakes is a 1,180-acre park in Allegheny County, PA. The new office has a distinct presence on the park grounds, so it is important that the building look industrial yet visually appealing. To mesh with the architecture in the area, 5/16” Hardie-Panel (Cedar Mill finish) with 2” wide 1x lumber battens installed vertically at 16” on center. Because the building is installed on a perimeter frame partially exposed foundation wall, the sheathing was extended beyond the finished floor level for additional siding attachment on site. This eliminated the risk of exposing the steel perimeter frame.

The Solution

As a maintenance office building that served as office and meeting space for park staff, it was inevitable that the new building would have to endure the continuous cleaning of dirt, mud, and salt. The typical plywood wood decking on wood floor joists would not last long in this environment. Modular Genius made certain of the floor’s durability by site installing raised rubber coin flooring on 3” 4000 psi poured lightweight concrete. The concrete was poured over wire mesh reinforcement on top of steel decking. The floor decking was applied directly to the submerged steel cross members so that the concrete would allow for the necessary space for the raised coin flooring.