Modular Classroom with Connecting Link

Frederick, MD

The Challenge

A local elementary school needed more classroom space due to a large influx of new students. They wanted a connecting link to be built between the existing school building and the new modular building so students and teachers would not have to go outside to travel between the current school building and the new modular classrooms. Furthermore, the school needed the new modular classrooms ready by August so teachers could prepare for the upcoming year.

The Solution

Modular Genius, Inc. developed a comprehensive solution, utilizing new “in fleet” modular classroom buildings, which were already built and had proper stamped/sealed drawings ready to go, helping shorten the construction process. To meet the tight schedule, well-organized and detailed coordination was required for the installation of the modular building as well as the creation of the connecting link. The site built connecting link was required to be comprised of noncombustible building materials and to be properly flashed into the existing school building, which required cutting reglet’s into the existing brick to ensure the two buildings were properly connected. Furthermore, the connecting link had to be perfectly plumb and square to the allow for the modular building to be installed directly up against it and ensure that both buildings were tied in and flashed correctly. Modular Genius was not able to start work until June 19th, as that was the first day of summer break, and the project successfully met the deadline of August 11th.