Public Alternative School Modular Classroom

Jasper, SC

The Challenge

Jasper County Schools faced a critical need for additional classroom space to support their alternative high school program. This program serves students with unique educational needs and requires specialized facilities to ensure their success. Without adequate facilities, the school would struggle to provide the necessary support and resources to meet the diverse needs of its students.

The Solution

In response to the pressing need for expanded facilities, Modular Genius provided a 10-classroom, 8,184-square-foot building compliant with the Office of School Facilities standards in South Carolina. This solution offered Jasper County Schools the necessary space to accommodate their alternative high school program while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. The building provided by Modular Genius included several special features designed to enhance functionality and durability, including seismic D acoustical T-grid ceilings, which help mitigate the impact of seismic activity and provide improved acoustics for an optimal learning environment. Additionally, the building was equipped with impact-resistant windows to enhance safety and security for students and staff.