University Temporary Modular Student Housing

Ettrick, VA

The Challenge

Virginia State University in Ettrick, Virginia had a larger than typical incoming Freshman class for Fall 2023. University rules require all Freshmen and Sophomores to live in on-campus housing, so the larger enrollment led to a need for more student housing in time for the beginning of the school year. Modular Genius, Inc. was contracted in early spring to provide temporary modular dormitories for 268 students using a state contract based on a 24-month lease.

The Solution

Modular Genius, Inc. designed and built three temporary modular dormitory complexes featuring 134 dorm rooms, totaling 49,632 sq. ft. All three modular dorms feature a shared laundry room, kitchen and lounge area, showers, and restrooms for residents. Each temporary dormitory building also includes a sprinkler riser room, an IT closet, and a janitor’s closet. The modular residence halls were designed to meet Virginia state residential code requirements, with sprinkler systems and smoke detectors being installed by Modular Genius.