UMD Modular Field House

College Park, MD

The Challenge

University of Maryland (UMD) needed to replace their outdated and insufficient Men’s Soccer Home and Away facilities at their College Park Ludwig Field Location. Each new facility required additional space, a more efficient layout and added durable finishes to handle the use, wear and tear of college athletes. In order to stay on schedule with other Ludwig Field construction projects and to work around the college busy daily activities, the project also had to be completed as quickly as possible with minimal disturbance on site.

The Solution

UMD chose off site construction to build two new 840 SF facilities to best meet their complete needs. Each building was designed to current codes, built with upgraded finishes, and each layout included team meeting areas with a training room and a coaches meeting area. During the off site building construction phase, Modular Genius demolished and removed UMD’s old facilities and completed all required site work at the same time, which significantly helped to reduced the disturbance on site and overall project schedule timeframe. Rubberized tile flooring was installed in each building to increase durability and to reduce slipping especially for athletes wearing cleated shoes. Each entrance had pre-fabricated aluminum steps installed that were also coated with rubber to increase durability and to reduce slipping. Modular Genius, Inc. fulfilled the customers’ needs and completed the project in less than 90 days from award to occupancy.