Linglestown Early Learning Center

Harrisburg, PA

The Challenge

A small daycare facility in Harrisburg, Pa was rapidly outgrowing their existing building. Modular Genius worked with the client to create a building that meets strict PA guidelines for Daycare use space. Additionally, the building needed to be installed in an existing parking lot shared with another tenant during normal business hours. Modular Genius was able to overcome these challenges with our experienced Project Manager and Construction Services Team.

The Solution

Modular Genius designed and installed an 1,008 sq. ft. building using a durable high ribbed exterior and steel exterior doors. Inside we provided a mix of commercial carpet and Armstrong tile flooring. Energy efficient LED lighting was installed throughout the building. A kitchenette to serve the staff and children allows for a safe and clean environment for the children. An aluminum ramp and steps was installed to provide maintenance free access for years to come.