Habitat for Humanity & Modular Genius

From Left to Right: Dave Burja, Damon Pross, David Vanicky, Michael Svezzese Jr, Brad Gudeman, Jim Diel

Modular Genius assists Habitat for Humanity & Hartford Technical School for their Modular Home Program in Baltimore, Maryland

Habitat for Humanity works with Hartford Technical School’s Carpentry Program, allowing students to participate in the construction of a Habitat Modular Home. The construction culminates in the dedication of the home to the recipient family, a ceremony in which HTHS students actively participate. Students also learn building techniques and materials that are in compliance with LEED Certification standards, as well as emerging technologies and materials classified as “green construction.”

Modular Genius donated the steel modular frames in 2018 to construct the home at the school’s facility, taking two school years for the students to complete. Modular Genius also installed the modular building on the foundation using a crane with our construction professionals leading the installation. Once set on the foundation, Habitat volunteers complete the remaining finishes and the home will be ready in 2020. Modular Genius is donating a new steel frame in 2020 for the students to construct another home for installation in 2022.

“We are honored to be a part of such an important program” Brad Gudeman, VP of Modular Genius stated, “Helping Habitat for Humanity and working with Hartford Technical High School is a great opportunity for Modular Genius to give back to the community and help foster future construction professionals in the Modular Construction Industry.”

Michael J. Svezzese Jr., the Trades and industry Instructor for HTHS commented;
“On Behalf of all the students involved with the GB-7 project and myself, we would like to thank you for the generous donation of the trailer frames. This donation enables a service learning experience for our students like no other in the State! We feel Modular Genius, is a community partner that enables us to fulfill our mission. To inspire students to learn CTE Trades and Industry in this capacity is monumental! It helps them build their portfolios (digital portfolios), with real hands on experiences. I personally want to express deepest thanks for your recent donation of the GB-8 frames to continue our program with Habitat. You are not only helping students of the entire construction departments, but also Habitat and the recipients of this great Home. In closing we would like you to visit more often, have more photo opportunities, and let the press and community know how your company is making a large impact on so many peoples lives!!!”

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