Baltimore County Public Schools

Modular Genius, Inc was awarded the following contracts from Baltimore County Public schools

  • MBU-508-14 Purchase of Modular Classroom
  • MBU-509-14 Lease of Modular Classroom
  • MBU-510-17 Transport of Modular Classrooms
  • MBU-502-19 Modular Decking, Porches, Skirting, & Ramps

The contracts have a purchasing clause and are part of the Baltimore Metropolitan Council (BMC) which is a nonprofit organization that works with the region’s elected executives to identify mutual interests and develop collaborative strategies, plans and programs that will help improve the quality of life and economic vitality. BMC is a resource for the region. Their goal is to improve the quality of life and economic vitality in the Baltimore region.

Please visit: for more information or contact Modular Genius, Inc. to get more information on qualifying participants in this purchasing corporative.