Temporary Medical Office

Temporary Medical Office

Is your healthcare facility at capacity? Could a temporary medical office solve your need for a laboratory or diagnostic imaging center? A first-aid building? An outpatient clinic? Modular construction enables you to provide comfortable, modern, well-equipped facilities.

Relocatable medical offices from Modular Genius will make your services more accessible to the community you serve. We equip them with the latest technology, including Wi-Fi, to allow instant access to resources and outside communications. Plumbing and electrical wiring are pre-installed, leaving a minimum of work to be done on delivery.

These temporary modular structures are typically moveable by forklift and can be easily transported to a different location when no longer needed, an option that is obviously not available with traditional stick-built structures. With proper care and maintenance, they can last 25 to 30 years. 

Choose from a wide range of exterior and interior designs and single or multi-story floor plans.  Integrate impressive entrances, customized rooflines, canopies, porticos and unique door and window treatments. 

The fact that manufacturing in a factory is unaffected by weather and delays on the construction site means that you will be able to occupy your modular building about 50% sooner than a conventional building.

The process is also very precise, and regular quality inspections in the factory reduce the potential for errors. The fact that the modules must sometimes be transported long distances also means they are built from the outset for durability and better moisture protection.

Modular Genius manufactures both relocatable modular buildings that are ideal for temporary uses and can be taken apart and reused elsewhere, as well as permanent modular buildings that serve as complete school campuses, office buildings, medical and dental facilities, churches, retail and recreational spaces, museums, banks, and a wide range of other applications.

We have manufacturing facilities throughout the United States, which means that the modular buildings can be fabricated as near as possible to your location to save time.

Case Studies

Modular Genius earned an Award of Distinction from the Modular Building Institute for the 3,535 sq. ft. temporary healthcare clinic for the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in New Orleans. The modular building was designed to match similar visual aesthetics of the surrounding campus. 

Hershey Park in Hershey, PA needed a First Aid building for an expansion of their water park. The building had to be constructed with durable materials and installed within a tight timeframe. Modular Genius designed and delivered the 700 SF building, completing the project in 120 days from award to occupancy.

The small rural community of Conowingo, MD was awarded a Federal Grant to bring healthcare services closer to home and was required to be up and operational in a matter of months. The West Cecil Health Care Modular Clinic also had to match the exterior color and trim of the local community bank next door. Modular Genius transformed the site from an overflow parking lot to a fully functional healthcare facility in less than 60 days.

Manage your construction budget without sacrificing quality by investigating the many options available today for a temporary medical office from Modular Genius.  Contact us today to discuss your plans.