Stackable Modular Buildings


Stackable Modular Buildings

If you’ve been thinking that all modular buildings are identical, boxy looking and uninspired one-story structures, think again. Modular buildings are stackable, which allows for innovative multi-level building designs that are suitable for every industry, including education, healthcare, business, housing, hospitality and retail.

Modular Genius, an award winning, turnkey modular building general contractor, is committed to the innovative construction of permanent and relocatable residential, industrial, commercial and government modular buildings. Our crane-liftable buildings are designed to meet or exceed state and local building codes while making your space needs a reality.

Advantages of Stackable Buildings

Stackable modular construction is gaining popularity across industries due to the versatility and adaptability it offers. 

  1. Save space: In urban areas where land is often a hot commodity, stackable modular buildings enable you to do more with less. When you are working with limited real estate space, expanding vertically saves significant space.
  2. Expand easily: As your operations grow, stackable modular buildings make it easier to expand. New modules can be added on top of existing modules, making more efficient use of your property.
  3. Save money: High real estate prices, energy, and materials costs call for new, affordable building strategies. Modular construction is 20% to 40% less expensive than conventional construction, and the ability to build upward makes it even more cost-effective.

Inspiring Stackable Modular Projects

Property owners and modular contractors have taken advantage of the many benefits of modular buildings and deployed them in innovative ways.

The “Broadway Stack” is a seven-story moderate-income apartment building made entirely of modular units. It opened in May 2014 and was selected as the Modular Building Institute’s August 2014 Modular Building of the Month in recognition for its cost-effective construction and speed to completion.

The project is a 37,000-square-foot mixed-use building with retail space on the ground floor and 28 apartments (consisting of 56 modules) above. There are five different floor plans (from 1-bedroom to 3-bedroom) with private patios and terraces, and the building has a central courtyard.

The foundation, basement, and first floor were constructed in the traditional way. The modules were manufactured off-site and then transported to the construction site with kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures, light fixtures, cabinets and countertops pre-installed. The 56 modules were then stacked atop the prepared structure in only 19 days with a crane and crew of eight.

The “KeyBlocks” in Bucks County, Pennsylvania are another ingenious application for stackable modular buildings.

Keystone NAP (Network Access Point) converted an historic former steel mill into a gigantic 180,000-square-foot data center. They renovated the building and had modular units constructed to fit within the three 60-foot by 1000-foot floors and become fully self-contained, stackable private datacenters (or “vaults”) for customers.

The facility is located within driving distance of all the major data center markets in the Northeastern U.S. When full, it can accommodate over 240,000 servers, and each KeyBlock module features its own power conditioning, fire suppression, cooling and security system.

When you are ready to consider the economic and aesthetic advantages of using stackable modular buildings for your next project, get in touch with Modular Genius at (888) 420-1113 to discover the possibilities of modular construction!