Portable Classrooms For Sale Maryland


Portable Classrooms For Sale Maryland

Portable classrooms for sale in Maryland can help school districts, colleges, universities and other educational systems ease overcrowding and meet budget crunches. Modular Genius has a team of experts with decades of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing classrooms for both temporary and permanent use. All of our buildings can stand on their own or be integrated into an existing campus, and are available in both one- and two-story versions.

Modular Construction – The Basics

As the name implies, modular construction is a way of building a structure using prefabricated modules. We build these modules to your exact specifications at our facilities and then deliver them to your site for installation. Modular Genius has facilities across the country.

Our technicians travel to the site to install the foundation of the modular building. Once construction of that building is complete, we transport it by truck and use a crane to place it on the foundation. After that happens, the building is ready for occupancy.

One of the best things about modular construction is its flexibility. Modules can be used in a wide range of different educational settings. School districts have used our buildings not only as classrooms, but also gyms, libraries, science labs and much more. Modular Genius structures are also perfect for administrative offices and conference rooms.

Here’s a quick look at two examples of our previous work.

Case Study No. 1 – Barrie School/Silver Spring, MD

Administrators at this school were looking for a cost-effective way to provide a great environment for faculty members as well as students. They had some specific requirements that we were happy to fulfill. For example, the space needed to have walls that could be relocated, tall ceilings, and several windows – and they needed it quickly.

Our team went to work immediately, designing the perfect solution. We provided them with two buildings that totaled more than 7,000 square feet. Even better, the buildings were made of sustainable materials. They were energy efficient, extremely friendly to the environment, and provided clean, healthy indoor air.

We were able to quickly meet their needs, providing them a high-quality, durable structure – and we did it without the disruptions that are part of the traditional construction process.

Case Study No. 2 – Swift Elementary/Egg Harbor Township, NJ

This school had been using trailers for years, and they were starting to deteriorate rapidly. We provided them with a sleek, 3,000 square foot modular building that met all their needs. Not only did the new building house after-school programs, it also served as a home for the school’s guidance and administrative offices.

The school administrators wanted an affordable building that would blend in with the existing campus, and we delivered on both counts. Their new building fit within their budgetary constraints, and also fit perfectly with their existing structures. In addition, our process provided them with an excellent educational and administrative space about 30 percent faster than building it through traditional construction methods.

Learn More By Contacting Modular Genius

If you are looking for the best portable classrooms for sale in Maryland, your search is over. Modular Genius is one of the true innovators in the industry, and we have the awards to prove it. For more information or to receive a free quote, call (888) 420-1113 or contact us online.