Mobile Buildings

Mobile Buildings

portable modular buildings from Modular Genius will enable you to build or expand your facility without making permanent modifications to the building site. They can be used wherever you need temporary space, but can be easily relocated to provide a long-term solution.

Modular Genius, headquartered in Joppa, Maryland, is a leading modular builder that specializes in design-to-occupancy buildings that meet the needs of hospitals and medical facilities, educational institutions, businesses, industry, the military, and the government.

Evidence of our expertise includes many Awards of Distinction from the Modular Building Institute for high-quality temporary and permanent projects we’ve completed in the past decade.

About portable modular Buildings

portable modular buildings are energy efficient, cost effective, and durable. With square footage ranging from 700 SF, with enough room for two offices, a common work area, and a restroom; to more than 14,000 SF, with space for 38 offices, conference rooms, restroom, and file and storage areas, they will accommodate the needs of just about any temporary or permanent project.

Most mobile buildings are pre-wired for electricity and are heated and air-conditioned. They are generally available very quickly, are far lower in cost than conventional construction, are space efficient, environmentally friendly, and can be relocated at a moment’s notice. Some trailers are even available furnished, so all you need to do to get started is to unlock the door!

Examples of Our portable modular Projects

Modular buildings from Modular Genius are highly customizable and suitable for a wide range of applications. With our service-oriented team of designers, engineers and technicians, we can solve your space requirements efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • Mobile construction offices: Supervise everything on your jobsite, meet with sub-contractors, review construction plans, and monitor the progress of the project from a mobile office that can be moved from project to project. It can also be used to provide employees with a relaxing place to enjoy coffee before work or lunch away from the hot sun. Check out the modular construction office we constructed for a leading U.S. aggregates and mining company.
  • Mobile classrooms: Overcrowded classrooms negatively affect children. If you are short on space, consider portable modular buildings for temporary or long-term use. Use them as administrative office space, daycare centers, libraries, media rooms, science labs, locker rooms, equipment storage and more. Check out the 1,440 sq. ft. portable modular classroom we built for a private school in Elkton, Maryland.
  • Mobile event space: Modular Genius and associates worked together to build modern, high-end mobile office space constructed of high performance translucent wall panels to meet the needs of Festevents at Town Point Park in Norfolk, Virginia for concerts, festivals, and other special events for the city.
  • Mobile first aid trailers: Hershey Park in Hershey, PA needed a mobile first aid building for an expansion of their water park. The building had to be constructed with durable materials and installed within a tight timeframe. Modular Genius designed and delivered the 700 SF building, completing the project in 120 days from award to occupancy.

portable modular buildings are readily available from Modular Genius and priced for different budgets. When your business or application requires portability, consider how a relocatable building could meet your needs. The possibilities are endless!