Used Modular Buildings Maryland

Used Modular Buildings Maryland

Traditional building construction in Maryland is costly and time-consuming. Don’t put off building or expanding your facility because the timeframe and budget seem impossible to work with. Used modular buildings can be ready to occupy in just a few short weeks.

Modular Genius is an industry leading modular builder specializing in design-to-occupancy modular buildings that can meet the needs of educational institutions, businesses, a wide range of industries, the military and the government.

Could You Use a Used Modular Building?

If you urgently need more space and your budget won’t permit you to build new, whether modular or stick-built, don’t overlook used modular buildings. They are available from Modular Genius for immediate delivery.

Our pre-owned modular buildings have an infinite number of uses. They are ideal for classroom swing space, temporary call centers, sales rooms, mobile construction offices, daycare centers, healthcare clinics, and many other uses. You may also need them temporarily when a building renovation displaces your employees.

As you consider buying a pre-owned modular building, it’s important to:

  1. Compare the cost of a used building against that of a new modular building. While you can often save 10% to 40% on a used building, the cost of a new modular building may not be much more and could enable you to get exactly what you want with a better warranty.
  2. Check the condition. To ensure that the pre-owned buildings Modular Genius offers for sale or lease are in the best possible condition, we perform a rigorous inspection, checking for weather tightness, structural integrity, mechanical HVAC operation, and electrical and plumbing compliance. If the used buildings have been properly maintained, they should serve your needs for a long time.
  3. Prepare the delivery site. Do you already have a prepared foundation for your modular building? Many modular manufacturers, including Modular Genius, can take care of this for you so that your site is ready for delivery. Some pre-owned structures will require conditional use permits, so call the building department of your city or town to find out. City building codes have requirements for safety and other factors depending on the intended use of the building. 

Common Uses for Pre-Owned Modular Buildings

Business – Used modular buildings are ideal for corporate offices, real estate sales offices, law offices, jobsite/construction offices, retail establishments, and any other permanent or temporary application you have in mind.

Education – Used modular classrooms and dormitories are fast to deploy, exceptionally flexible, and amazingly cost-effective. Consider temporary or permanent science labs, gymnasiums, libraries, media centers, and bookstores, as well as employee training centers and call centers.

Healthcare – Used modular buildings can solve many areas of concern in the healthcare industry when a medical or hospital facility is at capacity and needs more space. From digital imaging facilities to testing labs to patient rooms, nothing is too large or difficult.

With manufacturing facilities throughout the United States, it’s likely that Modular Genius has used modular buildings available very close to your location. Give us a call at (888) 420-1113 to discuss your space requirements, and save money without sacrificing quality or design.