Modular School Buildings Pennsylvania

Modular School Buildings Pennsylvania

Modular Genius helps clients save money on modular buildings for schools that empower them to expand without sacrificing design or quality. Our facilities are located throughout the U.S. We can meet your strict deadlines by building at facilities near your designated construction site.

Modular Genius, located in Joppa, Maryland, provides design-to-occupancy turnkey modular solutions for every educational space requirement you can imagine. We can also serve as general contractor for architectural renderings to foundations and site preparation to final paving and landscaping.

Why Choose Modular Construction?

Some of the advantages of modular construction include:

  1. Cost-Effective –School budgets are always tight, so knowing the cost up-front will give you peace of mind. In general, modular buildings are at least 20% less expensive than their traditional design-bid-build counterparts.
  2. Fast Occupancy – Many modular building projects can be manufactured and installed in under 90 days. Site preparation and foundation work are synchronized with the manufacture of modules in the factory, thereby speeding up completion of the project. Because we know exactly how long it will take to construct your classroom or other school building, you can rely on a definite occupancy date.
  3. High Quality – There is no reason to sacrifice quality when you select a modular building. They are constructed with the same or better building materials to more demanding tolerances, are reusable and relocatable, and meet or exceed building, safety and occupancy codes.
  4. Design Flexibility – Façades can be finished in cut stone, brick, stucco, siding, and a wide variety of other finishes to blend with the surrounding architecture and other structures on your campus.
  5. Energy Efficiency – Most new modular units are built with recycled steel, making them strong, fire-resistant and mold-resistant. Customers can enhance their prefab school buildings with energy-efficient utilities, eco-friendly insulation and no-VOC or low-VOC interior wall and floor treatments to reduce the building’s environmental impact.
  6. Less Disruption – With most of the major work occurring offsite, the distractions of construction noise, dust and debris are greatly reduced, as is the disruption of students and teachers.
  7. Disaster Recovery – Portable classrooms can be quickly deployed after a fire, flood, earthquake, tornado or other devastating natural disaster to get students back to normal as soon as possible.

Try the Modular Genius Building Calculator to estimate the cost of the classroom(s) or school buildings you have in mind. You will be asked general questions about your proposed project (use type, approximate dimensions, number of rooms needed and other pertinent details) and delivers a floor plan, specifications, price quote, and a design brochure via email in 60 seconds.

If your school budget in Pennsylvania won’t accommodate conventional construction, consider modular buildings. No other method of construction provides greater flexibility and savings. Whether you need more room, better functionality, or need to get back in business fast following a natural disaster, contact Modular Genius at (888) 420-1113 to explore the many modular options available today.