Modular Buildings Towson MD

Architects and building owners in Towson, MD, are taking advantage of the flexibility, sustainability and savings (in time and materials) that are inherent to modular buildings. Towson, settled in 1752, is the county seat of Baltimore County and the second-most populated unincorporated county seat in the United States. It is located immediately north of Baltimore, inside the Beltway (I-695), and is home to Towson University, Towson Town Center (Baltimore County’s largest indoor mall), Greater Baltimore Medical Center, and a wide range of businesses.

Modular Genius manufactures permanent modular buildings that serve as complete school campuses, office buildings, healthcare facilities, churches, museums, banks, apartment buildings, retail and recreational space, and other applications. Our relocatable modular buildings are ideal for temporary or swing space for classrooms and other structures you plan to disassemble and move to another location for a new use. We have vast experience in meeting tight deadlines and budget challenges with innovative, state-of-the-art modular technology. We provide complete turnkey services and serve as general contractor for all aspects of the construction process from initial drawings to delivery and completion.

Take a look at our gallery of project photos to see the wide range of modular design possibilities. Countless Design Options Modular Genius builds modular buildings that are both functional and attractive and blend seamlessly into their surroundings. The design options are unlimited, and finished structures are difficult to distinguish from conventionally built buildings.

Choose from a wide range of exterior and interior designs and floor plans. Integrate impressive entrances, customized rooflines, canopies, porticos and unique door and window treatments. Single and multi-story modular structures can be designed for any conceivable purpose. They are available in many sizes to fill the need for everything from extra office space to military barracks to healthcare facilities to complete school campuses. Quick to Complete Factory manufacturing is unaffected by weather and construction site delays. This enables customers to occupy their modular buildings about 50% sooner than conventional buildings, which translates to significant savings.

Plumbing and electrical wiring are pre-installed, and quality control inspections are completed before the modules are delivered to the site when 80% to 90% complete, ready for assembly like building blocks. Affordable New modular buildings are typically 20% to 40% less expensive than conventional buildings. One reason for this is the efficient in-plant manufacturing process that keeps labor costs low. Other reasons are the tight controls over inventory in the factory and protection from moisture and weather damage, all resulting in less material waste.

Also, about 80% of the pre-wiring and rough plumbing is done in the factory, reducing the need for multiple subcontractors on the jobsite (and more expense). Flexible Permanent modular buildings are designed to stay in one location, but they can be easily relocated or reconfigured onsite, or moved to another location for a completely different use. This flexibility extends the life of the buildings and eliminates the need to demolish and rebuild aging or outdated conventional buildings. For modular buildings in Towson, MD and beyond, get in touch with Modular Genius.

With facilities throughout the U.S., we build modular structures at a facility as close as possible to the designated construction site to meet your strict deadlines. Call us at (888) 420-1113 for customized space solutions.