Modular Buildings Columbia, MD

Modular Buildings Columbia, MD

Modular buildings in Columbia, MD are durable, attractive and extremely affordable. Whether you need more space for students, a temporary office at a construction site, or are interested in a modular building for any other reason, Modular Genius is here to help. We specialize in every step of the modular construction process, from design to occupancy, and have helped governmental agencies, school districts, healthcare facilities, and many others meet their space needs.

Why Choose Modular Buildings?

Not only are modular buildings very durable, they’re also attractive. Considering today’s financial environment, however, the biggest attribute may very well be their affordability. Prices can vary depending on region, but modular buildings typically cost anywhere from $50-$200 per square foot.

Factors that go into determining cost include the type of construction (steel frame or wood) and the grade of building to be constructed (elite, premium, mid-grade or basic). Regardless of the material and grade, modular buildings are at least 20 percent less expensive than conventional structures. In many cases, they cost as much as 40 percent less.

Another factor that will influence the cost will be the site of the building. Some sites need very little preparation, while others need extensive work. For example, if your site is free of debris (such as rocks, trash, etc.) and relatively flat, then the cost will be less. If a site is a flood risk or has a significant slope, the cost will be higher.

A Modular Genius expert will be happy to provide you with a quote, or you can use our Building Calculator to get a rough estimate of the price of your modular building. We will provide you with not only a quote, but also specs and a floor plan. You’ll also receive a design brochure in less than a minute.

Real-World Examples of How Modular Buildings are Used

These are just a few of the ways in which our customers use their modular structures.

  • Events – We provided office space consisting of translucent wall panels used by Festevents, located in Norfolk, VA. Our structure hosted several events, such as festivals, concerts and more.
  • First aid – A customer in Hershey, PA chose Modular Genius for a mobile first aid structure. The customer was expanding a waterpark and needed a building quickly. We not only designed a 700-square foot building for this customer, we also delivered it quickly. The entire process took only four months.
  • Mobile classrooms – Overcrowding in schools continues to be a problem – modular buildings continue to be the best solution. We’ve worked with school districts across the country, providing them with durable, sophisticated learning environments. We’ve done this within their budgets and also helped them avoid the distractions and dangers typically associated with conventional means of building construction.
  • Mobile construction offices – Modular construction buildings can serve as temporary meeting places, where supervisors can meet with contractors to look over plans. They can also be used as lounges, where workers can relax after a long shift. Once the job is complete, the building can be transported to the next job site.

Get in Touch with Modular Genius

Modular Genius is ready to take care of all your needs when it comes to modular buildings in Columbia, MD. Contact us online or call 888-420-1113 to learn more about our company or for more information on the buildings we offer.