Modular Buildings Baltimore, MD

Modular Buildings Baltimore, MD

If you haven’t previously considered purchasing modular buildings in Baltimore, MD, it might be time to do so. Today’s modular structures look a lot like traditionally built buildings, and cost a great deal less. Modular Genius can show you the exact type of modular building that will meet your specific needs.

About Modular Genius

Located in Joppa, MD, Modular Genius delivers modular buildings for both temporary and permanent use. Our clients include educational entities, healthcare providers, governmental authorities, military installations, and many others. We have a great deal of experience handling every phase of the construction process, including design renderings, site preparation, foundation construction, landscaping, and much more.

Why Consider Modular Buildings?

There are a lot of advantages to choosing modular buildings instead of structures constructed in the traditional manner. Here are just a few of the more important ones.

Monetary savings – You can save anywhere from 20 to 40 percent by going with a modular building. Not only will you cut costs on design and construction, you’ll also slice your timeline by as much as 50 percent. We manufacture the modular buildings at our own facility, then transport them to the site where they’re to be installed. We then use a crane to drop the building into the proper position. This can reduce your move-in time by several months.

Precision – Every step of the modular building process is extremely precise. Our team uses specific measurements and continually inspects the buildings for quality. All materials used are monitored carefully and stored in the safest, most secure manner possible. This is not always easily accomplished in traditional construction settings.

Innovation – Modular buildings have come a long way since the old portable school classrooms that were used 40 or 50 years ago. Modular structures can be made of conventional materials, including concrete, wood and steel, and can blend perfectly with existing structures. Our design capabilities are the most sophisticated available.

Durability – When people think of modular buildings, many probably assume these structures are nowhere near as strong and durable as site-built structures. But that is far from the case. Modular buildings must meet the same stringent building codes as structures that are conventionally constructed. As a result, even temporary structures can last for up to 30 years. Permanent modular buildings can last for a half century or longer.

Environmentally friendly – We build all of our modular structures using sustainable, eco-friendly materials. They are also available with treatments that can reduce their environmental impact even further. Structures can be built with lightweight flooring, dual-pane windows, skylights and other features that further minimize their carbon footprint.

Contact Modular Genius to Learn More

The experts at Modular Genius are ready to help if you want more information on modular buildings in Baltimore, MD. We can help you save a great deal of money and take care of all aspects of construction so you can concentrate on your other responsibilities. Please give us a call today at 888-420-1113 or contact us using our convenient online form. We look forward to meeting your needs.