Modular Building Manufacturers in Gaithersburg, MD

Modular Building Manufacturers in Gaithersburg, MD

Looking for modular building manufacturers near Gaithersburg, MD to solve your space requirements at a fraction of the cost of conventional buildings? Modular Genius can help!

Modular Genius, headquartered in Joppa, MD, has vast experience in meeting the space needs for educational, healthcare, business, industry, government, and military applications, with innovative, state-of-the-art modular technology. With facilities throughout the U.S., we fabricate modular buildings at a facility near your Oregon construction site to help you meet strict deadlines.

Why Modular?

Modular construction is the ideal solution for everyone from the new artist attempting to make a name for themselves, to the already established school or business that is bursting at the seams.

Single and multi-story designs, from under 1,000 sq. ft. to more than 20,000 sq. ft., can be designed to suit any conceivable purpose, with exterior finishes such as brick, stucco and other architectural surfaces. Because they are inherently portable, they can be disassembled, reconfigured and moved to a different location whenever necessary.

Modular Classrooms – As population shifts occur, school enrollments ebb and flow. Modular classrooms are an ideal solution for accommodating an overflow of students as cost-effectively as possible. They can accommodate temporary or permanent science labs, libraries, media centers, gymnasiums and bookstores, and are well-suited to companies that need temporary employee training centers or call centers. 

Case studies: Modular Genius’ innovative permanent modular 17,000 square foot New Early Childhood Learning Center  in Woodstown, NJ, was built to architecturally blend in with the surrounding residential area.

Modular Healthcare Facilities – Modular construction is the quickest way to expand the footprint of your healthcare center with minimal site and patient disruption. From digital imaging facilities to medical office space to testing labs to patient rooms, nothing is too large or difficult. Modular buildings enable medical and dental clinics, research laboratories and community hospitals to reduce costs, enjoy a higher return on investment, and accelerate construction timelines.

Case studies: Modular Genius earned an Award of Distinction from the Modular Building Institute for the 3,535 square foot temporary healthcare clinic for the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in New Orleans.

Modular Offices – Get your business up and running quickly, and generate revenue without waiting for a conventional building to be built. Ideal for real estate sales offices, law offices, jobsite/ construction offices, security offices, and any other temporary or permanent office you can imagine, they can be designed and delivered 40% faster than conventional office space at an average of 20% savings. 

Case studies: Modular Genius has completed everything from a 2,880 square foot modular administrative building for a leading U.S. aggregates and mining company, to 27,000 square foot 3-story modular office building for a research and development healthcare company.

With facilities from coast to coast, Modular Genius manufactures modular buildings close to your Gaithersburg, MD location. For more information about what we can accomplish, get in touch with us at 888-420-1113 to discuss your specific project.