Modular Building Manufacturers in Columbia, MD

Modular Building Manufacturers in Columbia, MD

Modular Genius, leading manufacturers of modular buildings. offers modular solutions that fulfill the needs of a wide range of clients in Columbia, MD, whether portable or permanent.

Located in Joppa, MD, Modular Genius, Inc. provides design-to-occupancy turnkey solutions for permanent and temporary commercial modular buildings for education, business, healthcare, daycare, assembly and government applications. We can also serve as general contractor for everything from architectural renderings to foundations and site preparation to final paving and landscaping.

How Modular Construction Can Help

Modular buildings can be designed to blend seamlessly into any location, no matter the era of the surrounding architecture.

Choose from a wide range of exterior and interior designs and floor plans.  Integrate impressive entrances, customized rooflines, canopies, porticos and unique door and window treatments. Go single or multi-story and finish the exterior in stucco, brick, siding and other architectural surfaces. The options are virtually limitless. For example:

Relocatable and Permanent Classrooms: Overcrowded schools are always a challenge, particularly in large suburban areas like Columbia, where budgets are usually strained.

In addition to their use as classrooms, modular buildings are ideal for music rooms, computer labs, media centers, libraries, gymnasiums, daycare centers and bookstores. In the corporate environment, they are ideal for employee training centers, safety classes, and temporary or permanent conference centers.

Modular Genius serves school districts and corporations across the nation. We have delivered hundreds of thousands of square feet of modular school building space for public and private schools, colleges, universities, daycare centers and corporations.

Modular Healthcare Facilities: Today’s innovative modular solutions are a cost-effective way to accommodate more patients and provide state-of-the-art treatment facilities in a fraction of the time it takes to construct a traditional brick and mortar building and at substantially lower cost.

Install permanent additions to existing buildings; add office space for administrative staff; modernize a rehab or imaging center; or move expensive imaging equipment out of the basement and into a convenient facility with the proper technical requirements.

Modular Genius has furnished modular healthcare buildings for everything from digital imaging facilities to medical office space to testing labs to patient rooms. Nothing is too large or difficult.

Modular Government Facilities: Modular construction is ideal for administrative offices, military facilities, and other public and government buildings. Not only are these buildings cost-effective and code-compliant, but government modular buildings can be up and running in half the time as on-site projects.

Modules can be built to meet Federal government standards for all specific mission requirements, including DoD Minimum Antiterrorism Standards. They can also be constructed to meet the high-security requirements for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF) in terms of physical security and hardening, acoustics controls, visual controls, access control, electronics and security systems.

Contact Modular Genius at 888-420-1113 to discuss how modular buildings might solve your space challenges in Columbia, MD. As leading manufacturers, we offer a wide selection of permanent and temporary solutions, backed by a service-oriented team of designers, engineers and technicians who will efficiently and cost-effectively meet your space requirements.