Modular Building Manufacturers in Baltimore, MD

Modular Building Manufacturers in Baltimore, MD

When you face small- or large-scale space requirements, deadlines, and budget challenges, consider modular building manufacturers like Modular Genius. We meet the needs of growing or on-the-move businesses, healthcare facilities or educational institutions.

Modular Genius manufactures modular buildings that will provide you with the temporary or permanent space solution you need. We can help you manage your construction budget without sacrificing quality by introducing you to the many available options.

Why Choose Modular Construction?

The primary advantages of modular construction include:

  • Innovative single and multi-story designs suitable for every industry, including education, healthcare, administration, housing, hospitality and retail;
  • Budget-friendly; 20% to 40% less expensive than conventional buildings;
  • Typically competed 40% faster than traditional construction;
  • Earn points toward LEED certification, reduce energy costs by 10% to 40%, and qualify for beneficial “green” incentives;
  • Off-site manufacture and pre-assembly minimize building site waste, noise, dust, debris, and vehicle carbon dioxide emissions;
  • Compatible with surrounding architecture;
  • Strong, fire-resistant and mold-resistant;
  • Meet or exceed all state and local building codes.

Offices – Get your business up and running quickly, and generate revenue without waiting for a traditional design-bid-build construction project to be completed. Modular business buildings are ideal for real estate sales offices, law offices, medical/dental labs, jobsite/ construction offices, security offices, or any other permanent or relocatable office you can imagine.

Classrooms – If you are a public or private educator or corporate trainer and need fast, flexible teaching space, consider modular classrooms or training facilities for a single classroom to an entire campus. They can accommodate temporary or permanent science labs, libraries, media centers, gymnasiums and bookstores, and are well-suited to companies that need temporary employee training centers or call centers.

Healthcare FacilitiesModular healthcare construction is the fastest way to expand and involves minimal site and patient disruption. From digital imaging facilities to medical office space to testing labs to patient rooms, nothing is too large or difficult. Modular buildings allow organizations such as medical and dental clinics, research laboratories and community hospitals to reduce costs, enjoy a higher return on investment, and accelerate construction timelines.

Assembly Facilities – If your church, synagogue, temple or assembly hall is bursting at the seams, consider modular assembly buildings for the extra space you need. Add on a prayer center, choir room, a new chapel, youth center, or Sunday school center.  Technical innovations, such as “clear span” framing systems, allow for wide open interior spaces without the need for interior support columns.

Choose from a wide range of exterior and interior designs and floor plans.  Integrate impressive entrances, customized rooflines, canopies, porticos and unique door and window treatments. Go single or multi-story and finish the exterior in stucco, brick, siding and other architectural surfaces. The options are virtually limitless.

Contact Modular Genius, one of the leading modular building manufacturers in the country, at (888) 420-1113 to put your ideas for more space in Baltimore, MD into action.