Modular Portable Buildings

Modular Portable Buildings

Innovative modular buildings from Modular Genius can provide you with quick, portable space solutions at a fraction of the cost of traditional construction. From manufacturing locations throughout the U.S., we provide permanent and temporary solutions for every major industry.

Modular Genius specializes in high-quality design-to-occupancy modular buildings and has the knowledge and skills to meet your small- and large-scale space requirements, deadlines and budget challenges. Our experienced team of designers, engineers, project managers and field superintendents can also serve as the general contractor for your project.

Modular construction has come a long way, and the variety of extraordinary designs that can be manufactured today may surprise you. Modular buildings no longer look like boring, unattractive boxes. If you are starting from scratch, the design possibilities are endless. If you are expanding, new modular buildings can be adapted to blend with your surrounding architecture.

Our modular construction capabilities include a wide range of commercial, industrial and government uses, both relocatable and permanent.  Standard modular building plans can be customized further with alternate layouts and features that will suit each customer’s unique needs. We also provide solutions for customers who need to build on narrow or corner lots or in challenging locations, such as flood zones or remote, hilly areas.

Popular Relocatable Applications

Modular classrooms and school buildings are extremely popular because they are quick to build, exceptionally flexible, and amazingly cost-effective. Modular Genius has an outstanding record in constructing modular classrooms, learning cottages, dormitories, daycare facilities, gymnasiums, cafeterias, and complete prefabricated school campuses.

Relocatable healthcare buildings are a flexible and affordable way to expand medical facilities that are at capacity. They can be used for a multitude of purposes, such as doctors’ offices, family health clinics, emergency and urgent care buildings, rehabilitation centers, laboratories, dialysis offices, CT and MRI centers, physical therapy buildings, and more. 

Modular work camps are an excellent relocatable option when you need temporary housing in remote locations for firefighting crews, oilfield and mining “man camps,” or military personnel.  They typically include sleeping quarters, kitchens, dining facilities, and showers, and have many options as far as designs and floor plans are concerned. They can be installed in a matter of weeks at a prepared site to house anywhere from 20 to 1,000 workers, and moved when the need arises.

Modular assembly buildings have a multitude of uses for temporary or relocatable space. From bus terminals to visitor centers, to libraries and exhibit space, to conference rooms, to swing space while undergoing renovations, Modular Genius can design these portable buildings to match the aesthetics of surrounding site-built buildings,


If you are worried about how long your modular building might last, the industry trade group Modular Building Institute estimates that temporary, or relocatable, modular buildings (not affixed to real estate) have a design life of about 40 years, while permanent modular buildings have a lifespan of at least 60 years.

Whether you need portable modular buildings to solve an urgent need for more space or are interested in exploring other possibilities for modular construction, contact Modular Genius today at (888) 420-1113. We will help you put your ideas into action.