Top Rated Modular Building Companies

Top Rated Modular Building Companies

There are many reasons why Modular Genius consistently ranks among the top-rated modular building companies. We’ve helped revolutionize the industry, and we’re one of the reasons modular structures are more popular than ever before. What were once little more than functional, boxy spaces can now be made into beautiful buildings that rival those built from the ground up.

Modular Genius, headquartered in Joppa, MD, has been honored with several Awards of Distinction from the Modular Building Institute. We’ve received these awards for the innovative projects we’ve provided for clients throughout the United States. If you can think of a use for a modular building, we can fulfill it. Our structures are used in education, retail, construction, healthcare, and many other applications.

The Many Advantages of Modular Structures

The most significant benefit for most clients is the cost-effectiveness of opting for a modular structure. You’ll save as much as 40 percent versus traditional construction. One of the reasons why this is the case is that modular construction is much more efficient. We take care of the vast majority of the manufacturing process – as much as 90 percent – in our own facilities. That keeps labor costs very reasonable.

Also, we handle about 80 percent of the rough plumbing and pre-wiring in our own factory. Unlike regular construction jobs, we don’t need to rely on expensive contractors.

If you believe that “time is money,” a modular building can deliver even more savings. The typical construction job is typically at the mercy of the elements. If it rains for just a few days, that could set the project back significantly – possibly even weeks. But when we manufacture a modular structure, we do so inside. Weather will never be a concern for us as a result.

What does this mean for you? We can design, manufacture, transport, and install your modular structure in as little as 90 days. You won’t find that with conventional construction. 

Quality is Our Top Priority

You may assume that you’ll have to sacrifice strength and durability by opting for a modular structure. After all, you’ll be saving so much money and receive your building so fast that you’ll have to give something up. But that’s not the case at all.

We use the same strong materials in our modular structures as you’ll find in those built through traditional construction. They contain steel, wood, concrete, and other high-quality materials, and our structures will be built to last. In fact, with proper maintenance, there’s an excellent chance your building will still be standing in 60 years – possibly even longer.

Unmatched Flexibility

When someone pays for a building constructed through conventional means, they can’t disassemble it, move it to another part of their property, and then re-assemble it. But that’s precisely what you can do with a modular structure. It’s a perfect choice if you believe you’ll need to either move your building or reconfigure it down the road.

We’re Ready to Give You More Information

The experts with Modular Genius would love to show you why we’re always among the top-rated modular building companies. You can contact us online to get in touch, or you can give us a call at (888) 420-1113 to learn more.