Temporary Modular Buildings


Temporary Modular Buildings

Temporary modular buildings from Modular Genius are very easy to deploy, customizable, and, most important, are much more affordable than constructing from the ground up. Our company has won numerous industry awards for innovation, and we take care of every phase of a project. All you need to do is choose a design and floor plan, and then we’ll handle the rest. We’ve provided buildings for just about any conceivable use, including classrooms, medical facilities, retail stores, visitor centers and many others.

A Quick Look at Temporary Modular Buildings

Temporary modular buildings typically come in one of the following dimensions:

  • 14 feet or less (also known as “single-wide” modular structures)
  • 24 feet by 60 feet (double-wide)
  • 42 feet by 60 feet (triple-wide)

Of course, your building can be customized in basically any sort of size configuration you want. But, in general, these are the sizes most of our clients choose.

You can have a modular structure installed without having to make any kinds of permanent changes to your property. We can provide you with a building that can be easily torn down and relocated, either on your current property or on another. These are just a few of the benefits provided by modular construction.

  • You’ll receive your building within 90 days in most cases, and it will be ready to use as soon as installation is complete.
  • Because we can make your modular structure so quickly, you’ll have a space in as much as half of the time it takes for the typical construction project.
  • You can choose from a basically unlimited number of styles and designs. You can choose a building that blends in with your surrounding structures, or stands out as unique.
  • Our structures are made with sturdy materials that have to meet the same regulations and codes as those made through site-built construction.

A Multitude of Uses

No matter what the scope of your project may be, we can deliver a building that will suit it perfectly. Here are just two examples of how our clients have used their temporary modular structures.

  • We received a Modular Building Institute Award of Excellence for our work on the Jean & Sidney Silber Green Education Center in Baltimore. This single-wide structure was used to provide flexible space for not only training programs and workshops, but also for a wide range of community activities. It was transported to Washington DC to be exhibited at a conference, and then relocated back to the school campus.
  • Modular Genius also provided a temporary healthcare clinic for the LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans. The university had received a grant to fund the building, and needed an unusually fast turnaround. We manufactured the building off-site, while, at the same time, constructing the foundation and utilities onside. 

When you turn to us, you can do so with total confidence. Not only can we meet your timeframe – even a condensed schedule – we can also meet your budgetary limitations as well. Our modern, durable structures are a great solution, no matter what your application may be.

If you would like to learn more about the many advantages of temporary modular buildings, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Modular Genius. You can get started on your project by contacting us online or calling (888) 420-1113 at your convenience.