Temporary Mobile Office Space

Temporary Mobile Office Space

Companies of all sizes are turning to temporary mobile office space more and more. Many of them are choosing Modular Genius, because the quality of our structures – as well as the quality of our customer service – is unmatched. No matter what industry you’re in, we will deliver a building that will meet your high standards, and we’ll do it at a price you can easily afford.

Modular Genius has been the leader in modular manufacturing for years. We’ve not only won a large number of industry awards, more importantly we’ve earned the continued trust of clients across the country. They know that when they turn to us, they’ll receive a building that will be ready to use immediately, and rugged enough to handle the elements. It will also be beautiful.

About Modular Structures

Modular buildings come with the latest technological advances, include wireless internet and much, much more. We also outfit them with all the wiring and plumbing they will need so that you can use our structure as soon as it’s installed. Once your building is delivered, it will only need a few finishing touches before it will be ready for use.

You may have seen modular structures in the past – you may have even gone to school in one. What you probably remember was something that was little more than a functional box, with no aesthetic attributes whatsoever. But today’s modular buildings are completely different. Not only are they stronger, they’re also available in a wide range of finishes and designs.

When properly maintained, temporary modular buildings can easily last at least 25-30 years and even longer. If you ever need to move the building, you can do so very easily. Whether you need a single-story building or a multi-story office complex (complete with stairs and even elevators), we’ll be ready to help.

How the Modular Manufacturing Process Works

The process of building a modular structure is much different from that of traditional construction. Instead of construction occurring outside, we manufacture our structures in our own climate-controlled facilities. In fact, as much as 90 percent of all manufacturing takes place inside.

That can dramatically shorten the time it takes for your building to be ready. Traditional construction is often at the mercy of the weather. Just a few days of heavy rain can, in many instances, lead to weeks of delays. That won’t be an issue when you opt for a modular structure. We routinely deliver a building in as little as 90 days.

In addition, we also have manufacturing facilities throughout the country. No matter where you’re located, we can deliver your building quickly and efficiently.

Uses for Modular Structures

If you can think of an industry, there’s a very good chance a company in that industry has one of our buildings. These are just some of the ways our structures are being utilized.

  • Healthcare facilities
  • Schools
  • Construction offices
  • Retail locations
  • Churches
  • Recreational spaces
  • Banks
  • Museums
  • And many others

Get in Touch for More Information

The experts with Modular Genius will be more than happy to tell you about the many benefits of using modular structures for temporary mobile office space. You can give us a call at (888) 420-1113, or you can use our convenient online contact form. We look forward to working with you.