SCIF Office Manufacturer

SCIF Office Manufacturer

When you need a SCIF office to meet your project requirements, Modular Genius, a leading manufacturer of innovative modular solutions, can help.

Modular Genius is an award-winning modular builder headquartered in Joppa, Maryland. Thanks to today’s design and construction technologies, the modular buildings we design and manufacture for commercial, industrial, and government customers are both functional and attractive and seamlessly blend into their surroundings. 

Thanks to 3D and 4D design software, state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, and mechanized quality control, modular construction supports a wide range of commercial, industrial, and military uses. Modular Genius offers an unlimited number of designs and floor plans, and our buildings can be manufactured, delivered, and installed on your prepared site in a matter of weeks. 

With an experienced team of designers, engineers, project managers and field superintendents, we also serve as general contractor for all aspects of the modular construction process, which, depending on the project you have in mind, may include:

  • architectural renderings
  • national, state and local building code compliance
  • civil engineering, permits and zoning services
  • site preparation, including excavation, grading and foundations
  • factory manufacturing
    • steel framing and floor decking
    • installation of mechanical, electrical and plumbing services
    • application of drywall, interior painting and flooring
    • installation of windows and doors
    • exterior hardware & trim, including stone and brick masonry
  • transportation in sections over the road to the building site by specialized carrier
  • assembly on prepared foundation and seaming together
    • completion of utility connections
    • installation of concrete/metal ramps and stairs, skirting & trim
    • sidewalk and parking lot paving
    • installation of gutters and downspouts
    • landscaping and signage
  • In-house and 3rd party licensed inspection and quality control

Modular SCIF and SAPF Buildings

Modular Genius’ modular construction methods meet the high-security requirements for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF) and Special Access Program Facilities (SAPF) in terms of physical security and hardening, acoustics controls, visual controls, access control, electronics and security systems. They can be disassembled and reinstalled at different locations when necessary and require minimal site work to install.

We also provide Sound Transmission Coefficient (STC) ratings for facilities, such as embedded sound masking and acoustical controls that may not be required by SCIF or SAPF. Special shielding is constructed with multi-layered materials that help block electromagnetic radiation such as EMI / RFI. Different TEMPEST designs are available. Security features with multiple layers of metal and insulation materials ensure all parts lock and are impenetrable.

Blast Resistant Modular Buildings

In the military and defense industries, and other industries where there is an increased chance of explosion, fire, or danger from toxic materials, Modular Genius can provide blast resistant modular buildings that provide a safe environment for working, sleeping, and storing sensitive equipment.

The characteristics of modular construction makes them more flexible than reinforced concrete and masonry buildings. They have the ability to bounce back under significant blasts without collapsing under pressure. They can be customized with:

  • ultraviolet and corrosion-resistant exterior coatings
  • blast-proof windows and doors 
  • custom interior flooring
  • hard surface countertops
  • drop ceilings
  • progressive collapse capabilities
  • outfitting for extreme temperature fluctuations, humidity and dust levels

If you are looking for a SCIF office manufacturer that can offer fast construction, complete customization, and significant savings, you are in the right place. Get in touch with Modular Genius at (888) 420-1113 to learn more.