Prefabricated Visitor Center Manufacturer

Prefabricated Visitor Center Manufacturer

Modular Genius is a prefabricated visitor center manufacturer that can take all the hassle out of the process of adding a building to your property. All you need to do is let us know what type of design you want, and when you need the structure delivered to your property – we’ll take care of all the rest. Not only do we save you time, we can also save you a great deal of money compared to traditional means of construction.

About Us

An industry leader in modular construction, Modular Genius has won several awards for innovation. Our turnkey services have helped organizations meet their building needs efficiently and very cost effectively. Not only have we provided prefabricated structures for visitor centers, we’ve also built healthcare facilities, school classrooms and gymnasiums, churches, offices and many, many others.

We’re experts in helping our customers choose exactly the type of building that fits their specifications. You can choose from basic one-story structures to multi-story facilities, and we can also meet compressed timelines. Modular buildings can be ready for occupancy in half of the time it takes for conventional construction. These structures also cost at least 20 percent less.

Modular Design Flexibility

The modular buildings of today are a far cry from the prefabricated structures of decades ago. We can provide you a building that blends in with the others on your property, or we can help you design something that’s unique and beautiful. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Although our modular buildings are extremely functional, you don’t have to sacrifice appearance. We have many different interior and exterior floor plans and designs from which to choose, and our buildings are basically indistinguishable from those built through traditional means. Whether you want a specific type of window treatment, a certain type of exterior look, or any other type of custom design feature, we’ll be able to deliver.


As important as cost is to our clients, our ability to meet tight deadlines is just as vital. Regular construction can be delayed due to weather and other unforeseen problems. But we manufacture our buildings inside our own facilities located across the country. The traditional construction process can take months or even years – we can provide you a durable, attractive structure in a matter of weeks.

We take care of all the wiring and plumbing, and we thoroughly inspect all of our buildings before we prepare them for delivery. While all this is happening, Modular Genius team members will be preparing the site on which the building will sit. Once your structure is delivered and installed, it will be immediately ready for occupancy.

Easy Reconfiguration

Your needs may change over time. If that happens, your modular building can change as well. You can easily relocate or reconfigure a prefabricated structure should the need ever arise. There will be no need for expensive renovations of traditionally built structures, or demolition of these buildings.

Contact Modular Genius for More Information

The experts with Modular Genius hope you choose us as your prefabricated visitor center manufacturer. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions, and to help you choose the type of building that meets your specific needs. If you would like more information, please give us a call at (888) 420-1113 or contact us online.