Prefabricated Buildings for Sale New Jersey

Prefabricated Buildings for Sale New Jersey

If you’re interested in purchasing prefabricated buildings for sale in New Jersey, and you want reliability, durability and value, then you want to work with Modular Genius. We have nearly two decades of experience manufacturing high-quality structures that are used in just about any application imaginable. No other company has a better reputation for manufacturing, design and installation, and we’re ready to put our skill and knowledge to work for you.

Modular Genius is headquartered in Joppa, MD. We have. Team of professionals who are renowned industry-wide for precision and performance. Our innovative methods of designing and manufacturing modular structures has helped us win numerous awards from the Modular Building Institute. We’ve built single-story structures, sprawling, 100,000-square foot office complexes (complete with elevators and stairs) – and just about everything in between.

Cost-Effectiveness and Efficiency

When most of our clients come to us, they do so because they need buildings quickly. School districts commonly turn to Modular Genius for structures that will ease student overcrowding. Religious organizations call on us for structures used not only as places of worship, but also for administrative offices and more.

Our clients see incredible cost savings when they choose modular construction over traditional construction. On average, a modular building costs anywhere from 20 to 40 percent less. But that in no way means that you’ll be sacrificing quality if you decide to “go modular,” so to speak. As long as you properly maintain your structure, it should easily last anywhere from 30-60 years – possibly even longer.

We use the same sturdy materials you’ll find on structures built from the ground up, and our structures have to comply with the same strict local, state and national codes. They also comply to the same stringent industry standards as stick-built structures.

While cost will always be the top consideration when looking to expand your space, you’ll also want a building that will be ready within your timeline. This is yet another area where modular construction offers clear advantages.

The average traditional construction project is often at the mercy of the elements. A week of heavy rain could delay that project for an incredibly long time. Modular Genius performs 90 percent of the manufacturing process in our own climate-controlled facilities, so weather isn’t an issue. 

As a result, we can deliver and install a building and have it ready for use in as little as 90 days – a fraction of the time it usually takes for a traditional construction project. 

Built to Withstand the Weather

Another reason to consider modular buildings is that they can stand up to whatever the weather can dish out. When we make our structures, we make them in sections, known as modules. That’s where modular buildings get their name. Once the modules are ready to transport, we use cranes to put them on flatbed trucks.

As you can well imagine, those modules are buffeted by extremely strong winds on their way to the installation site. They come through in perfect shape each and every time. If you’re concerned that a Modular Genius building won’t be able to handle the elements, you can put that worry out of your mind.

This just scratches the surface of the many advantages of prefabricated buildings for sale in New Jersey. Learn more by calling Modular Genius at (888) 420-1113 or contacting us online.