Prefab Equipment Buildings

Prefab Equipment Buildings

Companies of all sizes are turning to prefab equipment buildings because they know these structures are strong enough to handle their demands but are highly cost-effective. A representative with Modular Genius can show you how we can provide you with a modular building that can be designed in just about any way you want. It will also last for decades to come. 

Modular Genius in Brief

Modular Genius is headquartered in Joppa, MD. We’ve been an industry leader for more than a decade, and our company has introduced many innovations that have helped change the way modular structures are viewed. What were once nothing but functional boxes can now be made into beautiful buildings – but they still last as long as ever because they’re made with solid and sturdy materials. In fact, modular structures can easily last 60 years or even longer as long as they’re properly maintained.

Our company is proud to have provided modular buildings that are in use across the United States. School districts turn to us regularly for structures used as classrooms, administrative facilities, and even cafeterias and gymnasiums. Healthcare companies are among our regular clients as well. We’ve delivered structures that have served many different purposes, including clinics, testing labs, emergency rooms, and more.

Prefab Buildings 101

A prefab, or prefabricated, building is built in a manufacturing facility and then loaded on flatbed trucks for transportation to the installation site. Since these buildings, or “modules,” encounter fierce winds and significant shocks and vibrations along the way, they must be made of solid materials. 

At Modular Genius, our manufacturing processes are among the most stringent in the entire industry. We pre-install electrical wiring as well as plumbing. Then we put our modules through rigorous quality control inspections – performed by our experts and independent third parties.

One of the most attractive features of modular buildings is that they can either be permanently affixed to real estate or installed so they can later be disassembled and moved to another location. Even if you move yours to another part of your property later, it will still maintain its structural integrity.

Performance and Cost-Effectiveness

Prefabricated modular structures are made of the same materials as those built through traditional construction. All of our buildings must meet the same local, state, and federal codes and be inspected yearly – again, just like structures built from the ground up. 

Modular buildings make much more sense from a cost perspective than going the traditional route since they cost as much as 40 percent less. We can also meet your timeframe since we can have a structure ready to install in as little as 90 days. 

Modular structures also make more financial sense when it comes to energy efficiency. Our buildings exceed the vast majority of energy code requirements, competing in the same LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) categories as site-built structures.

Explore Your Options

These just scratch the surface of the many advantages that prefab equipment buildings can deliver to your business. If you would like to explore your many options, please contact Modular Genius as soon as possible. You can use our online contact form or call (888) 420-1113.