Portable Office Buildings Maryland

Portable Office Buildings Maryland

There are plenty of portable office buildings in Maryland, and many people simply assume they were built in the traditional fashion. After all, they look like they were constructed from the ground up. These structures often appear just like others that are on a company’s property. Modular construction has come a long, long way in the last few years, and Modular Genius has been on the leading edge of that innovation.

Up until just a few years ago, the average portable building was little more than a functional box. It served its purpose, but that was about it. You might have even attended class in a “portable,” because your school was having overcrowding issues. More than likely, there was nothing really memorable about that structure.

A New Day

That’s not the case any longer, thanks in large part to Modular Genius innovations. We’ve introduced cutting-edge design technology that has brought modular construction into the 21st century. We can design and manufacture a modular building in just about any way you like. Whether you want something that will stand out on its own, or you want a structure that will blend in perfectly with your other existing buildings, we’ll be able to accommodate you.

It doesn’t matter how small or large your project may be, Modular Genius will be ready to help. We can provide you with a single-story building, or we can provide you with a sprawling office complex. You can use our buildings as classrooms, places of worship, administrative offices, cafeterias, medical facilities, or just about anything else you can imagine. 

Performance and Quality

The average modular building can cost as much as 40 percent less than opting for traditional construction. Since you’ll be saving such an incredible amount of money, that means you’ll have to give something up in terms of quality, right?


We use the same strong materials in our modular buildings that you’ll find in “stick-built” structures. Modular Genius structures consist of wood, steel and many other sturdy components. We manufacture our buildings to the same stringent industry standards, and make them to comply with the same strict codes that govern traditional construction. When properly maintained, a Modular Genius building can last for at least 30-60 years.


If you’ve ever tried to work in a building with a construction project going on nearby, there’s a pretty good chance you found it nearly impossible to concentrate. The noise was just too much. You might have even been hesitant to walk in the area, because there were just too many safety hazards to try an navigate.

Those issues don’t exist when it comes to modular construction. More than 90 percent of the manufacturing process takes place within our own facilities. While this is happening, our team members will be preparing the installation site. This process allows us to minimize disruptions, and possibly eliminate them completely.

Also, since our facilities are climate-controlled, there’s no way weather can delay the manufacturing process. That’s not the case with regular construction, where a few days of heavy rain can wreak havoc on a project.

When you consider all of the benefits of portable office buildings in Maryland, you’ll see why they simply make the most sense – from not only a cost perspective, but also from a quality perspective. Learn more by calling Modular Genius at (888) 420-1113 or contacting us online.