Portable Classrooms For Sale Michigan

Portable Classrooms For Sale Michigan

If you don’t want learning disruptions caused by the noise of conventional construction and your school budget in Michigan is tight, consider portable classrooms for sale from Modular Genius. We have a lot of functional, beautiful options that will meet all of your needs. Our team of professionals will work closely with you to design a building that will eliminate any sort of space challenges you may be experiencing.

Why Choose Us?

Modular Genius is an industry innovator. We’ve won numerous awards from the Modular Building Institute, and we’ve constructed buildings not only for schools, but a host of other applications as well. These include churches, healthcare facilities, man camps, and many, many others.

We know the difficulties school districts face when it comes to finding enough space to provide students with the best learning environment possible. But our buildings can be used for much more than classrooms. You can use them as a gym, a library, administrative offices or even a cafeteria.

Working with us will help solve your budgetary and scheduling needs. You’ll not only know exactly how much your business will cost, you’ll also know when you’ll receive it. Our company has construction facilities across the U.S. No matter where you’re located in Michigan, we’ll be able to deliver a building to your site quickly and efficiently.

Our skilled technicians, designers and engineers can lower your costs by up to 40 percent when compared to the traditional construction process. We can also decrease your timeline by as much as 40 percent as well.

No matter what your budget or deadline challenges may be, we can help you meet them. Even better, our green-friendly buildings are incredibly energy efficient. They will help you drastically reduce your heating and cooling costs, and will also help your campus earn LEED certification points.

Modular Never Means Sacrificing Quality

Whether you need a single classroom or an entire campus, modular construction will be an excellent choice. Modular Genius structures are made from the highest quality materials, and meet or exceed all industry standards. Our buildings are durable enough to last for decades – temporary buildings can last up to 30 years, while our permanent structures can last for 50 years.

We take care of every aspect of the construction process, from design to installation. Since we construct our buildings at our own facilities, you won’t have to deal with the noise – or the danger – of conventional site-built structures. We will come to your site, prepare the foundation, and then place the building on top – it’s as easy as that. You can also choose from a wide range of textures and finishes so that your modular building can blend in with the existing structures on your campus.

Regardless of the reason you need portable classrooms, we’ll be here for you when you need us. You might be dealing with overcrowding, or you may be renovating one or more of your existing buildings. You might be trying to reopen your school after a natural disaster. We’ll provide a turnkey solution that will meet all your needs, and we’ll make the process easier than you may have imagined possible.

Contact Modular Genius

Get in touch with Modular Genius to learn more about the portable classrooms we offer for sale in Michigan. Give us a call at (888) 420-1113 or use our online contact form for more information.