Portable Classrooms and School Buildings in Pennsylvania

Portable Classrooms and School Buildings in Pennsylvania

For many administrators, portable classrooms and school buildings in Pennsylvania are often viewed as a last option to accommodate overcrowding. A lot of school district officials went to class in these kinds of buildings, and remember them as ugly little boxes and nothing more. But Modular Genius structures are anything but. They’re beautiful buildings that look just as good – and are just as strong – as those built through traditional means of construction.

Modular Genius buildings are incredibly comfortable, providing the perfect learning environment. At the same time, though, they’re much more affordable than building from the ground up – anywhere from 20 to 40 percent. School districts across the country use our buildings, and students, faculty members and visitors are completely satisfied. You will be, too.

Reasons to Consider Modular Construction

One of the most important advantages of working with Modular Genius is efficiency. Our company has manufacturing facilities across the country. No matter where you’re located in Pennsylvania, we can deliver a building very quickly. Not only will you pay less for a modular building, you’ll get it much faster as well.

Regular construction projects can take several months due to weather delays. Modular Genius does the vast majority of the work in our own climate-controlled manufacturing locations. As a result, we’re not at the mercy of the elements. There’s a very good chance you’ll receive your building in as little as 90 days. Traditional construction projects typically take much, much longer.

These are just some of the reasons modular buildings are worth your consideration.

  • Design flexibility – Modular structures contain many of the same materials you’ll find in site-built structures, including steel, concrete, wood and others. But when it comes to designs, you have many more options. In fact, the options are nearly unlimited. We can manufacture a building that looks exactly like the others on your property, or one that looks completely different. You can also choose from many different kinds of facades, including stucco, siding, brick, cut stone and others.
  • Energy savings – Not only will you save on your structure, you’ll also save on your monthly energy bill. Modular Genius buildings contain environmentally-friendly insulation that will keep your heating and cooling systems from having to work too hard. In addition, they also include automated lighting and HVAC sensors for added efficiency.
  • No distractions – Since we do most of the work at our own manufacturing locations, your faculty and students won’t experience the noise distractions that are typically part of the traditional construction process. They also won’t have to deal with any potential safety hazards.

Modular Genius team members have years of experience working with school districts. We will be more than happy to help, whether you’re looking for a single classroom or you need an entire campus full of modular structures. You can choose from standard floor plans, or we can custom-build a structure to your exact specifications. Also, since we will be preparing the site as we manufacture the building, it will be ready to use immediately once installation is complete.

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Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Modular Genius for more information on portable classrooms and school buildings in Pennsylvania. You can give us a call at (888) 420-1113, or you can use our online form.