Modular Schools

Modular Genius has an impressive track record when it comes to modular schools let alone modular classrooms. A modular school consists of more than just classrooms and optional lavatories. A true modular school can contain and consist of everything a traditional stick built school has; a modular library, modular cafeteria, modular administrative offices, and if necessary modular dormitories. These can all be separate buildings with outdoor canopies connection them, or it can be one contained building.

Modular schools are a smart way of expanding due to the limitless expansion possibilities and options. The only limit would be to run out of physical land on the campus. Modular’s can be added or subtracted at any time, which allows the expansion of the school to be limitless.

Modular schools are becoming more popular due to the following reasons. With the way the economy has been lately the majority of school districts are taking budgetary cut back, leaving them with less money to expand, however with more incoming students.

Modular’s are a smarter financial decision, and can help with those tight budgets, and shrinking expense accounts. Also schools only really have a summer to expand. No school district wants construction occurring during learning hours due to the distracting sounds, and movement that construction can cause. Modular construction is a more rapid and less distracting method of construction. Since all the hard construction occurs in a factory through an assembly line, there is only seaming and internal work that needs to be completed once the modulars arrive on site. Therefore, if this had to occur during learning hours there would be minimal distractions occurring for the students and teachers.