Modular Schools Buildings Allentown, PA

Modular Schools Buildings Allentown, PA

If you haven’t considered modular school buildings in Allentown, PA for your campus, Modular Genius might just change your mind. We’ve provided modular structures to schools for several years to help with student overcrowding. But our buildings are more than just functional boxes – they’re beautiful, rugged structures that are built to last for decades. Even better, they’re much more affordable than going the traditional construction route.

From Start to Finish

Modular Genius has assembled the best team of professionals in the industry. Everyone, from our designers to our manufacturers to our installers and more, is passionate about exceeding client expectations. If your only experience with modular construction is the portable in which you attended class when you were in elementary school, you’ll be amazed at how far the industry has advanced. Modular Genius has been at the forefront of that advancement.

We’ve been honored with many Modular Building Institute Awards of Distinction thanks to the quality and innovation found in our projects nationwide. Not only do we count school districts among our clients, but also governmental entities, branches of the military, construction companies and several others.

We take care of each and every aspect of all modular construction projects. Not only do we design buildings, we also manufacture them at our own facilities. At the same time, we prepare the site where the building will be located. As a result, your building will be ready for use once it’s delivered and installed.

These are just some of the many services we offer.

  • Preparation of architectural renderings
  • Installation of steps and ramps
  • Permitting
  • Sound and temperature control
  • Exterior and interior finishing
  • Landscaping
  • Paving
  • Windows and doors
  • Masonry
  • And much more

The Many Advantages of Modular Construction

Modular structures come in a wide range of sizes. Schools typically choose one of three types of buildings – single-, double- or triple-wide. Single-wide structures are usually 14 feet wide, while double-wide buildings are 24 feet wide and 60 feet long. Triple-wide structures are usually 42 feet wide and also 60 feet long.

You don’t have to make any permanent changes to your property in order to use a modular structure, in most instances. One of the reasons modular buildings are so popular is that you can move them to a different part of your campus should your needs dictate.

Here are just some of the other reasons why you should seriously consider purchasing a modular structure for your school.

  • Modular buildings cost anywhere from 20-50 percent less than conventional construction, and can be delivered in half the time.
  • Because we perform at least 90 percent of the manufacturing at our own facilities, you won’t have to deal with noise or any other disruptions. With just a minimal amount of site preparation, you’ll have a building that will be ready for immediate occupancy once it arrives and is installed.
  • You can choose from a virtually limitless amount of styles and designs. We can provide you with a building that is indistinguishable from the others on your campus, or you can choose a structure that provides a unique look.

Let Us Show You All the Possibilities

Modular Genius professionals are passionate about modular school buildings in Allentown, PA. We’re ready to show you why so many schools have turned to us over the years. Contact us online or call (888) 420-1113 to learn more.