Modular School Buildings

Modular School Buildings

School districts throughout the United States have turned to modular school buildings for years. For a long time, however, to say these buildings lacked any aesthetic qualities was putting it mildly. Sure, they were functional, but that was about it. But thanks to Modular Genius, today’s modular buildings are actually something to be proud of. They can be a beautiful addition to your campus, and can last for decades.

A Tradition of Innovation

Headquartered in Joppa, MD, Modular Genius has been at the forefront of advances in the modular building industry. We’ve won many awards for projects we’ve performed across the nation. Many of these innovations are the reason why modular structures are more beautiful than ever before. Our technology makes it possible for you to choose from a virtually unlimited amount of floor plans and designs.

In addition to our technological capabilities, we’re also passionate about delivering quality. All of our buildings contain the same types of materials found in structures built through the traditional means of construction. Our structures conform to all safety codes, and they also conform to the most stringent quality standards – the same standards that conventionally constructed buildings must meet.

Why Choose a Modular Structure?

If your school district is dealing with overcrowding, you basically have two choices – either build a structure from the ground up, or choose a modular building. Of course, some school districts have other alternatives. However, most of them will either construct a completely new building or “go modular,” so to speak.

So, what makes modular a far better alternative to traditional construction? Here are just some of the many advantages modular buildings offer.

  • Modular buildings are far more cost effective than traditional construction. School districts throughout the country always have to struggle with budgets. This is one of the biggest reasons why they turn to modular construction. Modular buildings cost anywhere from 20-40 percent less than traditional construction, in most instances.
  • If you’re on a tight timeline, modular construction is a no-brainer. We can deliver a building ready for use in as little as 90 days. This is a fraction of the time it takes the typical construction project. Modular buildings aren’t vulnerable to weather delays like traditionally-built structures. At Modular Genius, we take care of more than 90 percent of the manufacturing process inside our own climate-controlled facilities. That takes weather-related issues out of the equation.
  • Modular structures are also extremely flexible. There may come a time where your school no longer faces an overcrowding problem – it might be unlikely, but it’s possible. Temporary modular buildings are designed to easily be broken down and re-used. If another school in your district needed a new structure, you could send your building to that campus.
  • Thanks to innovative design technology developed by Modular Genius, we can provide you with a structure that looks like others on your campus, or one that stands out for its unique features.
  • You’ll never have to sacrifice quality when you choose a modular structure. When properly maintained, our buildings can easily last anywhere from 30-60 years.

If you would like to learn more about the many benefits of modular school buildings, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Modular Genius. You can give us a call at 888-420-1113, or you can use our online contact form.