Modular School Buildings for Sale

Modular School Buildings for Sale

Modular Genius offers beautiful, high-quality modular school buildings for sale that can be designed to suit any conceivable purpose.

Modular Genius is a prominent commercial modular builder that serves school districts, colleges, and universities across the nation, manufacturing design-to-occupancy school buildings to meet your budget and design challenges. Evidence of our expertise includes many Awards of Distinction from the Modular Building Institute for high-quality temporary and permanent projects we’ve completed in the past decade.

Modular construction enables public and private schools and universities as well as corporate trainers to easily resolve expanding enrollment issues, and add libraries, computer and science labs, media centers, gymnasiums, bookstores, teacher lounges, daycare centers, offices and other functional spaces to their campuses.

The advantages of modular construction include:

  • 40% to 50% faster delivery of ready-to-use space
  • Reduces costs by 20% to 40% compared to stick-built construction
  • Unlimited designs and styles
  • Expandable and relocatable
  • Enhanced efficiency for energy and water usage
  • Fire-resistant and mold-resistant
  • Requires minimal site preparation
  • Meets or exceeds all state and local building codes

Temporary/Relocatable School Buildings

Although they can be customized in virtually any dimensions, temporary/relocatable modular school buildings are often referred to as:

  • Single-wide: Typically, 14’ wide or less
  • Double-wide: Typically, 24’ wide by 60’ long
  • Triple-wide: Typically, 42’ wide by 60’ long

They enable you to build or expand your educational space without making permanent alterations to your property. They are designed to be reused and can be moved to different locations when the need arises.

Because they are constructed in our manufacturing plant in sections and then transported to your building site, temporary modular school buildings can be deployed in a matter of hours or days and removed at a moment’s notice, making them indispensable in the aftermath of fires, earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes and floods.

Permanent School Buildings

Permanent modular school buildings are manufactured and ready for delivery and installation far sooner than their site-built counterparts. While a conventional construction project may take 12 months, the project can be completed in just six using modular construction. Built of steel, concrete and wood, modular buildings are designed to last for many decades.

They are designed to stay in one location but can be easily relocated or reconfigured onsite, or moved to another location for a totally different use. This flexibility extends the life of the buildings and eliminates the need to demolish and rebuild aging or outdated stick-built buildings.

If you have considered building modern, unique modular school buildings but are concerned about their durability and longevity, the industry trade group Modular Building Institute estimates that permanent modular buildings have a lifespan of 50+ years. With proper care, temporary, or relocatable, modular buildings (not affixed to real estate) have a design life of 25 to 30 years.

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