Modular Prefab Buildings for Schools

Modular Prefab Buildings for Schools

Districts throughout the country continue to use modular prefab buildings for schools. Many of them turn to Modular Genius, because they know they can count on us to provide them with a reliable, cost-effective way to address their space needs. Modular buildings have come a long, long way in recent years. They’re still rugged and durable, but now they’re also beautiful. We can design a structure that matches the other buildings on your campus, or provide you with something that stands out on its own as a unique addition.

The Modular Advantage

When you turn to Modular Genius, you’ll be working with a company staffed with team members that are passionate about quality. We put all of our buildings through exhaustive inspections through all phases of the manufacturing process. These modular structures aren’t like the ones you may have used in the past – or may have actually attended class in when you were in school yourself. Today’s structures are still strong and durable, but they’re also aesthetically pleasing.

Here are some of the many other benefits of purchasing modular buildings.

  • Cost-effectiveness – Just about every school district in the country faces some sort of budgetary challenges. If yours is in the same category, why spend an incredible amount of money constructing a building from scratch? A modular building will be just as strong, and just as beautiful, and it will also save you as much as 40 percent. There will also be no uncertainty regarding how much you’ll pay. Once we know the type of land you have, and the type of building you want, we’ll give you an exact quote.
  • Energy savings – All of our buildings are made in a way that’s completely sustainable. We use responsibly-sourced timber, recycled steel, and take other steps to help preserve the environment. But we also make our structures in a way that will help you save a substantial amount of energy – and save a significant amount of money each month in the process.
  • Design flexibility – Modular structures offer a much wider range of design options than ever before. No matter what type of design you envision, there’s a very good chance we can make it come to life. You can choose from many different kinds of facades, including brick, stucco and several others.
  • Convenience – The average construction project, of course, generates a great deal of noise. This can be a huge distraction in any setting, but it’s particularly troublesome in a learning environment. Children, and even teachers, may find it nearly impossible to concentrate. But that won’t be an issue with Modular Genius structures, since we perform more than 90 percent of the manufacturing process in our own facilities. All we’ll do on your property will be to prepare the site and install the building. 
  • Unmatched quality – We always make our modular structures to the most stringent industry standards, using strong, durable materials that will withstand the elements for years. When you purchase a Modular Genius building, you’ll be able to do so with complete confidence.

Let the experts with Modular Genius tell you more about modular prefab buildings for schools. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, or to provide an accurate quote. You can use our online contact form to get in touch, or call (888) 420-1113.