Modular Office Buildings & Trailers

Modular Office Buildings & Trailers

Modular Genius has years of experience providing modular office buildings and trailers to various companies, school districts, and other organizations. One of the reasons our structures are so popular is that you can move them whenever you need. You might want to relocate it to another area of your property, or you might want to move it to another location entirely. Whatever your reason, our professionals will be ready to tell you more.

Reasons You Might Need to Move a Modular Structure

Relocating a modular building is a common need for several reasons. Some of the main reasons include the following:

Change in use: The building may be needed for a different purpose and therefore needs to be relocated to a new location.

Expansion: You may need to expand your building or move it to a new location to accommodate the increase in the size of your growing company.

Cost considerations: Relocating a modular building can often result in cost savings instead of constructing a new building on-site.

Site constraints: Site constraints such as limited space, zoning restrictions, and environmental concerns can make it necessary to relocate a modular building.

Upgrades and maintenance: The building may need to be relocated temporarily while upgrades and maintenance are performed.

Lease expiration: You could need to move your modular structure if your lease expires, especially if the building is temporary.

Disasters: In the case of natural disasters, a modular building may need to be relocated to a safer location.

What to Keep in Mind When Moving Your Building

Relocating a modular building requires careful planning and execution to ensure the safety and integrity of the structure. The following steps should be taken when relocating a modular building:

Planning: Determine the reason for relocation, the new location, and the logistics of moving the building.

Permits and regulations: Obtain the necessary permits and follow local regulations for relocating a building.

Preparation: Prepare the building for relocation by disconnecting utilities, securing loose items, and removing non-structural components.

Loading and transportation: Load the building onto a trailer or flatbed truck and transport it to the new location.

Foundation and site preparation: Prepare the new site by installing a new foundation and making any necessary upgrades.

Reassembly: Reassemble the building at the new location and reconnect the utilities.

Final inspection: Perform a final inspection to ensure the building is secure and ready for use.

If you need help with any of these steps, get in touch with a Modular Genius expert.

We’ll Be Here for You

Representatives with Modular Genius are standing by to tell you anything else you want to know about modular office buildings & trailers. Our company is passionate about client satisfaction, and we’ll do whatever we can to ensure you’re delighted with your decision to work with us.

Clients across the nation turn to Modular Genius regularly. They know we provide a much more cost-effective alternative to traditional construction, and all our buildings are made of the highest-quality materials. You can learn much more by getting in touch with one of our experts. Contact us online or call us at 888-420-1113 to ask whatever kinds of questions you may have.