Modular Classrooms & School Buildings Winston-Salem, NC

Modular Classrooms & School Buildings Winston-Salem, NC

Modular classrooms & school buildings in Winston-Salem, NC, are the perfect alternative to dealing with the noise – and possibly even safety hazards – that are a part of every traditional construction project. Modular Genius can provide a strong, attractive building that will meet your space needs while sparing you from distractions. We can also do this at a fraction of the price of regular construction.

Turn to the Best

Modular Genius has been the premier company in the modular industry for a long time. We started in 2006, and since then, we’ve won several awards from the Modular Building Industry. These awards recognize the innovations we’ve brought to modular construction – and will continue to bring for years to come.

Many of our customers are school districts. It seems like an issue that will never go away – student overcrowding. Also, schools are continually faced with budgetary limitations. Modular construction is an efficient, cost-effective way to deal with both.

Our company has not only constructed classrooms for schools but has also helped many businesses and other organizations. We can provide you with a classroom, but we can do much more. Districts use our structures for administrative offices, libraries, bookstores, and many other purposes. We can even build you a gymnasium or a cafeteria.

When you work with Modular Genius, you’ll have a team of professionals ready to exceed your expectations. You’ll also have certainty. We’ll not only be able to tell you how much your building will be, but we’ll also tell you exactly when it will be ready for occupancy. You won’t get that type of certainty by going with traditional construction.

The progress of any regular construction project is basically at the mercy of the whims of the elements. Just a few days of rain can delay construction for weeks. Modular Genius doesn’t have that problem. More than 90 percent of our manufacturing occurs in our climate-controlled facilities, so the weather won’t have a significant impact on your project.

No Cutting Corners

For some people, modular construction sounds too good to be true. On the other hand, you’ll get your building in as little as 90 days and pay up to 40 percent less than building a structure from scratch. So, you’re getting a building on your timetable, and you’re spending much less money. There has to be some sort of catch, right?

There isn’t. You’ll never have to worry about skimping quality because you’re purchasing a modular structure. Our buildings contain the same strong, durable materials found in site-built structures. Our structures must be even stronger since we transport them on trucks. The winds our buildings have to withstand are mighty, but our structures come through time after time.

Pick a design for your building, and then rest easy knowing your job will be in the absolute best hands possible. We will take care of everything else and do so with minimal disruption. While our manufacturers are putting your building together, our site installation personnel will be busy getting your property ready. All we’ll need to do is set the structure on your land, make a few quick adjustments, and that will be it. Your building will be ready for use.

Call us at (888) 420-1113 or contact us online to get in touch with Modular Genius.