Modular Classrooms & School Buildings Durham, NC

Modular Classrooms & School Buildings Durham, NC

There are lots of modular classrooms & school buildings in Durham, NC, and Modular Genius has manufactured many of them. Our company can help you find a cost-effective solution to your student overcrowding issues, and help you get the most out of your available property. When you turn to us, we’ll take care of every phase of the project, and we’ll be here to answer any questions you may have. We have a team of experts who are committed to quality as well as value, and passionate about our clients.

Reasons to Work With Modular Genius

A leader in the industry, Modular Genius has been one of the true modular manufacturing innovators. We’re extremely proud of the fact that we’ve received numerous awards from the Modular Building Institute for projects we’ve performed across the country. 

We’re also passionate about providing modular structures that are manufactured in the most eco-friendly manner possible. All or our structures contain sustainable materials, and can be outfitted with features that ensure energy efficiency. Your school may be able to qualify for LEED credits when you have our buildings on your property.

All of our engineers, project managers, superintendents and other team members are laser-focuses on providing strong, durable buildings at prices our clients can afford. Whether you’re looking for a temporary structure while your campus is undergoing renovation, or you need a building because you face an ever-growing student overcrowding problem, we’ll be here to provide the best possible solution.

Flexibility and Other Benefits

School districts throughout the United States turn to Modular Genius on a regular basis. They also use the buildings we deliver in a multitude of ways. You might be looking for a structure that will be used as a classroom. Or, you could be looking for administrative space. You could want a modular building for a science lab, or a library. Whatever your needs may be, we can fulfill them perfectly.

Here are just some of the many reasons it will definitely be worth your while to consider modular construction.

  • Modular buildings cost up to 40 percent less than constructing a building from scratch. We can also deliver a structure in as little as 90 days – a fraction of the time is takes for the traditional construction project.
  • We offer a virtually unlimited range of styles and designs to choose from. You can have a structure that looks just like others on your campus, or a beautiful building that stands out on its own.
  • All of our buildings are made from reliable, strong materials, and they are also mold- and fire-resistant.
  • When properly maintained, a modular structure can last anywhere from 30-60 years, and possibly even longer. 
  • If you should ever need to relocate your modular building, you can do so very easily.
  • Since 90 percent of the manufacturing process takes place within our own climate-controlled facilities, your students and faculty won’t have to deal with the noise and other distractions of conventional construction. You also won’t have to worry about your project being delayed by inclement weather. When heavy rains occur during a regular construction project, that can set the project back for weeks.

The experts with Modular Genius are here to answer any questions you may have regarding modular classrooms and school buildings in Durham, NC. Feel free to contact us online or call (888) 420-1113 at any time.